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If you know you have a history of picking guys who are handsome over honoring, rich over respectful, or charismatic over Christ-centered, then you need to be very careful online dating.

It might seem like a waste of time if you dated someone and then broke up; but if through dating this person you learned he or she is not your future spouse, then you did not waste your time. You want to give yourself enough time to really get to know this person.#7: Use Online Dating When Traditional Dating Is Not Working I think traditional dating should be your first option.It’s more ideal to sit down with a real person and get to know someone.But as long as you are relying on biblical wisdom, listening to the counsel of your Christian community, and truly trying to honor God, there is nothing inherently sinful about online dating.Again, what God really cares about is who you marry, not how you meet this person.

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