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By far the best course I've taken in many years of certification. There was a perfect combination of hands on for practice and demonstration.

A new rash of credit and debit card scams involving bogus sub- charges and attributed to a company called “BLS Weblearn” is part of a prolific international scheme designed to fleece unwary consumers.

Dangelmaier said he believes the merchant in question was a legitimate affiliate program that got hacked.

Blue Snap vetted the merchant before allowing it onto its payment network, and even purchased the affiliate learning program.

For more on this scam, check out these posts from Daily Kos and Consumerist.

Unfortunately, these types of schemes are as old as the Internet, and will be with us as long as there are companies willing to engage in so-called “high-risk” credit card processing — handling transactions for things like online gaming, rogue Internet pharmacies, fake antivirus software, and counterfeit/knockoff handbags and jewelry.However, there are many differences between the two courses that regulate how this overarching objective is met.The foremost distinction between ACLS and BLS is the level of advancement between the two.There is an entire series on the sidebar of this blog called “Pharma Wars,” which chronicles the exploits of perhaps the most infamous high-risk processor of all time — a Russian company called Chrono Pay and its now-imprisoned CEO.While Chrono Pay was most known for processing payments for spam-advertised pill shops and fake antivirus affiliate programs, it also was caught up in a micropayment scheme that for years put through bogus, sub- transactions on consumers credit cards (usually for some kind of software or ebooks program).

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