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The bridges are partially destroyed, and the approaches en either aide are of soft bottom lands. The Herald^s correspondent says, the works in froitt nf Richmond consist of three strong lines, wholly enveloping the city. The inner one consisting of a series of strong redoubts and bastion forts, all mount upwards of 200 guns, and would, had they been properly garrisoned, form- ed a most impregnable S3ries of defenses. Ladles or Gentlemen can address us In perfect eonfldcnce, stating fully and plainly tliclr dl'eases aad symptoms, an we treat all disease* of a chronk-; nature In male or female. 6500 Sets Ladles Jewelry, Jet and Gold 5 00 to 5000 Sets Ladles Jewelry, varied styles 800 to 8000 Gold Pens, Silver Case and Penc U 4.

The enemy is in position on the heights beyond with artillery. If the Drugirliil will not buy them for you, eu- olos*" the money la a letter, and we will send thtm to you by Express, securely sealed and packed, free trom observation.

Saundess, who is suppos- ed to have left Canada with gallinipper in his hat. Oar readers will notice that subscriptions to tbe popular 7-30 Loan are still continued in tbe most liberal manner. e Peoples' Loans is to tbe Old World one of tbe wonders of a Republic. We captured several thou- sand prisoners and fourteen pieces of artillery and a large number of wagons. In time we may look for the restoration of our municipal government upon a Union foundation, and resumption of Legislation in all of its departments. Large quantities of cotton are being found in private houses, and that both British and . The most interesting item of the week has befru the arrest of twenty pilots, for- merly employed in the Nassau blockade running trade. He was about twelve miles northwest of Golds- boro. ANTHOHT ST., r OB THS Ptxrohafla and Sala of Boi QREENBACKS ARE GOOD," BUT ROBACK'S ARE BEXr ER. Good for all derange- ment of the Stomach, Biliousness, Liver Com- §Iaint. They possess wonder- ftil tonic properties, giv Ing tone to iheappetlf^ and digestive organs, ROBACK'S BITTERS. and e J of a Unp Ic vc Kctable extracts, they iiont«ln Dothlnir drietertuas to any coojitatutlon however d«llciitc, their Aioctlon being to substitute str Mitt U for weakne M, which, when properly used, theynever fall to ! f^^ They may on safely used at any age, and at any period, bzcbpt dcrin'u tbs riasv rsiusa koktbs, during which the unfailing nature of their action would Infallibly raiev KMT pregnancy. Sent by mail, free of postage, oa receipt of pr ice. o to fiiltil a contract in accordance with his proposition ; and that should his proposition be accepted, he will at once enter Into a contract In tcourdance therewith Should the contract be swarded him, we are prepired to become his s-curltles. whose respuusibillty shall be vouched for by a oertiiicate ol a Clerk of the District Court, or the L. Bids from disloyal persons; from those who have hen-tolore a Ued to comply with their pro- posi Uons ore ntracts; or from tho^te who do not comply with the above requirements, will not be considered.

Dudley Mann, in a French cafe, SMiings his eye-glass in a maze of trouble, as he thinks of his poverty and his ras- cality. Mc CIane, of Maryland, who swore that the North should never cross the bor- ders of the Susquehannah ? We can fancy his gold-headed cane, his fierce shrieks of rage, and bis rubicund phisiognomy — but we do not read of them. Of Uabcock and Edmundson, Charles James Fox Faulkner, the gentle Boteler, all of Virginia, we hear no more ; of the pliant Nicholson, of Tennessee; of Soule of Louisiana, and the heavy, good-hearted George S. The Qovem- ment does not seek to borrow in foreign mar- kets ; it offers no premiums to bankers, but appeals directly to tbe people, and with what success is sufficienny shown by the fact that daring forlythrtte day$ they subscribed and paid c:ijb down for one hundred and $ixty' one million dollars of tbe 7-30 Loan. If the thing is pressed, 1 think be will surrender. Most of them resided in Smithville, at tbe mouth of Cape Fear River. A large number of rebel prisoners ar- rived in Washington this morning desi- rous of taking the oath of allegiance. There were no indications, howe- ver, that he intended to make a stand. 1^~ All letters seeking Information or advice w Ul b« prom ptly, freely and Jlscrettly a DJWcred. Pavment wi U be made oa the delivery of the articlfs. tl OO.00 l OOOold Watc Ii Hn ' i^TA 200 Ladles' Watches .•.

Lincoln : The following telegram is respectfully forwarded for your information. lie ex- pressed himself as being yet determined not to give up, though it was certain be had but little hope left. A large nnmber of rebel officers were captarad and paroled. The Tribune's Richmond correspond- ent says, when Davij received Lee's dis- patch in church ht' rose much agitated, and left church.

These works situated on high ground, like the others, mount heavy guns. Davis took one train : he escaped with a horse and carriage so as to take to the country in case tbe road was interrupted. Breckenridge left the city as late as &h o'clock Monday morning.

^^ For Indastrlan^, Anoka, Oroa •, Orlaado Hoa Mce Uo, Clear\«ter, St.

For Saak Raplds,r«Ue Prairie, Fort Ripley and Crow Wliuh-Moadtys, Wsdneadays aad Fri.

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Tudge Campbell remained in Richmond to see what could be done about peace. Foote is in London, show- ing up the rebel chiefs with caustic can- dor Pillow »eem8 to have laid his grieb on himself, and gone quietly to sleep. Grant: I have the honor to report that the en- emy made a stand at the intersection of the Burk's Station Roa J with the roid upon which they were retreating. A number of trains were to leave during the evening, yet there was not room for all who thought It desirable to get away. A letter from Richmond the 5th, says, the new state of affairs in this city gives general satisfaction to tbe resident who show their gratitude, rendering every at- tention and information to our soldiers, and on the soldiers part they are kind and courteous — this giving contradiction to the false reports of the rebel press. Tbe streets after tbe tatoo, ar^ free from soldiers, except- ing tbe patrol, or changing of guards. The Times^ City Point correspondent says the Southside railroad is being re- constructed at tbe rate of sis miles per day, and js already used to carry supplies (0 oqr army in the fie^d. The Herald's Waahington special says, that a letter from Goldsboro, of the 4th, states that Sherman had not yet moved. Lawrenoe, Be Ue Plain, Henderson, Le Suear, Ot Uwa, Traverse de Sloax, St. ra iiitt^;; pwls Sd Ow Monna, oonneotiag at Ow &i'.,iujt, for wuton ? Pt^BSri T OF LEE, •kar Mtui wiaa aaailacr Virtary ovor ! Sheridan attacked und routed Lec^s army, capturing Gens. •«»•— A batcli of tt»aerala and tbou Mftada •TPrtao Bwra Capsared— Craat' coafldcas ! Ewell, Ker- shaw, Butler, Corse and many other gen- eral officers and .several thousand prison- ers, also a large number of cannon. The following telegrams, announcing the victory won yesterday by Maj. Sheridan over Lee's army, have just been received by this Department.

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