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file contains a list of device names and the directories in which the selected file systems are set to be mounted as well as the file system type and mount options.Therefore, when mounting a file system that is specified in Table 19.2, “Common Mount Options” provides a list of common mount options.NFS's main disadvantage in comparison to SMB (a commonly-encountered protocol in Windows environments) is that it can be more complicated to set up in some cases, since many non-technical users are unfamiliar with configuring UNIX-based protocols.

This is possible, and Linux allows you to mount the same file system to as many directories as necessary.

When a mount point is marked as a slave mount, any mount within the original mount point is reflected in it, but no mount within a slave mount is reflected in its original.

To change the type of a mount point to a slave mount, type the following at a shell prompt: A private mount is the default type of mount, and unlike a shared or slave mount, it does not receive or forward any propagation events.

Also note that because "-alldirs" is not specified, incoming connections will only be able to connect to the /Kodiuser folder, NOT any folders underneath it. Once you've configured and saved your /etc/exports file, the NFS server can be started either by rebooting or by executing the following command: flag not being set, but they result in different error messages or issues.

Bear in mind that any UID's that are used to connect to the NFS server, or that are specified with "-mapall", have to exist on your NFS server (i.e. Each change on the exports config file needs a restart of the nfs server! One of the root issues is the flag being set in the Property List file, but not read by launchd which controls the process.

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