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They were (and still are) thought to transform themselves into various animals that could kill others.

The Baka have medicine and special ceremonies to obtain this power to transform themselves Baka hut (mongulu) .

The livelihood of each group depends on hunting and gathering.

The forest provides an abundance of animals, fish, honey, mushrooms, fruits, and nuts. They often reserve the best honeycomb for the elders.

For the Baka, the forest is living and communicates with them.

One day, when Komba was off collecting, a man came and persuaded Komba's son, who had been left with strict instructions not to open the box, to let Jengi out so that he could see him dance.

It is unclear if three minor varieties are mutually intelligible with Baka proper.

They are Gundi (Ngundi), Ganzi, and Massa (Limassa).

When they have too much food, they either sell it to the Bantu, smoke it to preserve it, or give it to other groups as as.

When an elephant is killed, everyone in the surrounding area comes to get some mat.

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