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Temptation Island is hardly the first insane-sounding show centered around dating on TV (and not even the first version of might be the most twisted of them all, just because its stars are not even single.

The show takes four established couples, splits them up into guys and girls, then puts the girls in a house full of single guys and the guys in a house full of single girls.

As the show progressed the men were instructed to pick up women of varying levels of difficulty, such as in the second to last challenge of the first season where the men had to pick up a stripper, described by Mystery as "the ultimate challenge." Viewer ratings picked up by the season's end, resulting in the series being picked up for a second season. Runner-up contestant Brady Sprunger was characterized as a shy photographer, but he had been working for a modeling agency, the Los Angeles-based Action Agency, for five full years prior to the show's taping.

Critical reception for the series was mixed, with The A.

He shared his theories in a discussion group on Usenet,, and became famous for his analytical approach in the field of seduction and the "reports" he detailed.CAB Castings is looking for audience members for a TV reunion special filming this Wednesday, February 13th in Atlanta, Georgia. A VH1 commercial is now casting extras in Miami, Florida.Casting directors are now casting actors, models, and talent to work on October 18th in Miami, Florida.Their friendship is told in the book of Strauss's method, The Game.In 2004, Mystery formed the Mystery Method Corporation, and at the end of 2006, Mystery left to found a new company, called Venusian Arts.

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