Movie 43 batman and robin speed dating

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This is a film very similar to the horror flick V/H/S, because it’s a whole bunch of shorts that is loosely connected to one short.

Other awesome segments include “Machine Kids,” “Middle School Date,” “Tampax,” and “Victory’s Glory” involving the basketball team that everyone saw in the trailer.The short begins with a very subtle romance feel about a woman having a date with the perfect man, and it just completely takes a left turn in a reveal that will just leave your jaw on the floor for the rest of the short.As shocking as the segment was, I have to give major props to Jackman for doing this role because it was quite raunchy.It’s not trying to tell a clear narrative, it’s not trying to be a “good” movie, and it wants to offend its audience.Movie 43 only has one clear objective in mind when you watch it, which is to make you laugh by any means necessary.

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