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If so, it’s a sign your current relationship isn’t how you want it to be.The more we live in the past memories and/or a self-created future, the more we are living in a self-created reality.As you know him more you can comment on what he has taught you about poetry, spirituality or deeper things. Surprise Each Other: When you buy or create little things that you know that your date would like, it’s a fun way to show that you know them. Some examples include buying them their favorite flowers, cooking their favorite meal or getting surprise tickets to their favorite band.In courtship we often surprise each other as a way to increase your closeness and shared experiences. Reveal Your Authentic Self: I know that many dating experts promote playing games and flirting techniques but I’m of the opinion that if you are yourself (and you like yourself) that the right people will like you back!Some of my friends had ex-boyfriends who wanted them to change, such as to dress up more often to look prettier or to lose weight when said friend was of healthy weight.

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:)If you’re in a relationship that seems to be going nowhere, perhaps it’s time to move on.And part of getting closer is revealing your true self over time.This means you are authentic about parts of yourself, including your preferences re food, politics, values, your life vision etcetera–even if it’s unconventional.You will never be fully satisfied with how he/she is.The worst thing is, if the other person isn’t conscious, he/she will keep changing just to fit your expectations.

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