Most intimidating fans in the nhl

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We divided the questions below into three sets, in order to cover as much ground as possible; some players answered every question below, others answered only one set.Even granted anonymity, many players declined to answer a few of the more controversial questions, so the players who did answer had a bigger say in the results.

Some uniforms have aged well over time, like the Hartford Whalers' green jerseys that make appearances in Carolina, while others simply do not - hello, Vancouver Canucks bowling team sweaters, we're looking at you.They have won 12 domestic honours in modern time helping to cement them as a European giant.Valued at £498 million, Roma is one of 4 Italian clubs that are recognised as truly global clubs.Valued at £828 million and revenue hitting new heights with lucrative sponsorship deals, all Spurs now need it to turn the financial success into on field success.If they can do that, Spurs will be well placed for global fan growth.

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