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The only people truly shaken by her death were Karen Jones and Mary-Beth Gaskill.Immediately after Molly's death, a scene between Karen and Susan will occur where Karen accuses her of being a murderer, before renouncing Molly's guilt.

Mc Daniels Ace Burr | Alfredo Montez | Allison O'Dowd | Amos Lancing | Bob Crawfish | Bonnie Mac Farlane | Cliff | Clinton Arnsdale | Grace Lancing | Horley | James Langton | JB Cripps | Jenkins | Jeremiah Shaw | Jessica Le Clerk | Jorge Montez | Josie Dawson | Lee | Mr.She appears to take pride in her appearance, as she can be seen primping herself in her compact make-up mirror.Molly typically dresses in a corseted low cut green top (similar to a Swiss Waist or Victorian Drindl) with a golden gilded pattern and trim with matching golden jewellery, as well as a red skirt, and a white boots.Before any more can be said, Susan Grimshaw shoots Molly in the stomach with a shotgun, stating "she knew the rules", before ordering Pearson and Bill Williamson to burn the body.Most of the gang members believed Molly got what she deserved.

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