Model updating in structural dynamics a survey

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In order to improve the accuracy of FE simulating to serve the structural design better, the FE model updating techniques are needed to develop.In the past few decades, various kinds of FE model updating approaches have been widely investigated based on the actually observed behaviors of the system. Brughmans, “Estimation of Real Modes from FRFs via Direct Parameter Identification,” Proceedings of 7th International Modal Analysis Conference, Las Vegas, 30 January 1989, pp. In this, paper an overview of a Finite Element (FE) model updating technique based on the Local Correspondence (LC) principle is presented.

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The modified mass and stiffness matrices are identified from the normal frequency response functions by using the least squares method.

The updating results evidently demonstrate the feasibility and reliability of this approach.

Finite element (FE) models that numerically solve various engineering problems can aid virtual prototyping, reduce product development cycle, and cut down the cost of performing the physical tests.

Firstly, the mathematical relationship between the updating parameters and the output interesting qualities is created based on the copula approach and the vast samples of inputs and outputs are obtained by the Monte Carlo (MC) sampling technology according to the copula model.

Secondly, the samples of updating parameters are rechosen by combining the copula model and the experiment intervals of the interesting qualities.

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