Metaphysical dating

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by Matthew John, Contributing writer, In5Happy New Moon in Virgo!

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Triangle Inquiry Group The Triangle Inquiry Group gathers together for meditation, self-inquiry, and discussion each Wednesday evening in Raleigh, NC.As the most grounded of the Earth […] 3rd EYE ACTIVATION!Today’s high pitched frequency (HPF) is in the key of A Sharp and it came in LOUDLY in my right (Divine Masculine, current life) ear.New Moon energy is synonymous with new beginnings, fresh starts, positive changes, and is the ideal time for setting intentions to begin the manifestation process.Supermoon energy expedites and intensifies all of the attributes associated with the New Moon, making this a quintessential, opportunistic, astrological timing to begin new endeavors, become happier/healthier, attract love/friendship, and setting intentions to manifest your deepest ambitions and desires.

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