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Perhaps you’ve met someone who’s also experienced a bad divorce, the loss of a job, or an unfaithful ex.While there’s nothing wrong with establishing that you have those things in common, avoid talking in detail about them or how difficult they’ve been for you.When you’re strongly attracted to someone, it’s tempting to jump into bed or talk a lot about your feelings for one another.However, this early in the game, many relationships aren’t ready for this level of intimacy.To be sociable the woman keeps nodding her head, which encourages the guy to keep talking as well.Unfortunately, she comes away from the date thinking “What a jerk, he dominated the entire conversation.” So, how do you stop chattering?Originally published in 1992, Gray’s book became the best selling relationship advice book of all time.

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Once you’ve dated a while and agree you want to pursue a relationship, then begin making introductions with other important people in your life.

Likewise, limit your phone calls, texts, and emails to a few times per week.

The early dating phase is a time to get to know your date, and for him or her to get to know you.

Just remember this simple rule: don’t talk more than her, and do ask questions. Most importantly, be a good listener, resist that natural male instinct to offer up quick solutions.

What most women appreciate is a man who can hear what they have to say without interruption. This sends her the signal that you’re not interested in her. Opening a car door, helping her on with her jacket, and other small acts of kindness are appreciated by women and should be on every guy’s dating to-do list. …But don’t be a “needy guy.” Some men confuse “nice guy,” with “needy guy,” which is a turn-off to most women.

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