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It’s amazing to talk to someone who knows about this somewhat secretive aspect of my life, someone with whom I could have candid and sensitive conversations about polyamory and kink and the challenges that come with non-monogamy.

I matched with quite a few people, surprisingly, and OKC even has an option to put right in your profile that you’re in a non-monogamous relationship.

But I’m also seeing the flip side: The benefit of extra emotional support from other romantic partners who are invested in your happiness.

I look forward to wherever this adventure takes me.

I had to be the So when Sam—a man I befriended more than a year ago—told me flat-out that he was in an open marriage and would like to have an “affair” with me, I laughed and turned him down.

I was certainly attracted to Sam, but I knew I couldn’t handle sharing someone’s husband.

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