Lister d dating

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Approx 1/3 HP With later chain driven magneto (replacing the hot tube ignition), and fitted with twin S-spoked flywheels.

engine, made c1904 by the British Engineering and Electrical Company of Leek, Staffs.

finally I gave in and ordered one up from George at

The compression on these engines is such, that you cannot turn it past compression by hand without the aid of this lever.

The lister SC design was (I believe) the first ever "cold start" diesel engine, which would startup from compression alone, without the aid of a glowplug, hot bulb, or other heating system. I read before buying this and was pretty well prepared for what I was getting into. The castings are very primitive - lots of "filler" is used throughout. Basicly, they bolted it down to the crate in which it's to ship, and sprayed the heck out of it. You'd never be able to make, and sell a product like this within the US.

I have a small collection of antique American gas engines, which are similar in style, size and weight. On careful inspection I found a couple pockets of casting sand in the sump.

This page is a brief one about my new Fuking diesel engine and the generator set I made up with it.

I've been hearing, reading about, and drooling over these engines now for a couple years...

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