Liquidating business inventory

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Many business owners shorten the sale process by lowering their asking price, but this isn't your only option.

Seller financing, including additional assets (e.g., equipment) in the sale, training, and other incentives can also entice prospective buyers to acquire your business.5. Liquidation is usually a last resort for small business sellers.

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We were paid both accurately and promptly, and would recommend Jay and his team to anyone who requires their services.On a direct-to-consumer retailing basis, the inventory can be sold through a company-owned liquidation store or stores, or monthly inventory liquidation sales can be advertised and held over a few days in short-term rental premises.However, there is a down side to this business, which is purchasing inventory that is difficult to sell regardless of price.To play it safe, it's best to work with an intermediary who is experienced in communicating with interested buyers while protecting confidentiality.2. You may not have to sell your business to make a fast exit, especially if you're just looking for a way to remove yourself from day-to-day operations in order to focus on other personal or professional activities.If the business is profitable and growing, think about bringing on a partner with a complementary skill set and willingness to manage the aspects of the business that you no longer want to oversee.

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