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This new model is expected to be effectively utilized in various areas involving musculoskeletal simulation models, where the current prevalent use of the Hill-type model is identified as a major limiting factor.

[Job Specification] For 21 Months starting in Summer 2019, the research associate will lead the first stage of the study focusing on in-vitro muscle/fiber experiments and model development.

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This BBSRC (Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, United Kingdom)–funded postdoctoral research associate will join Dr Sang-Hoon Yeo’s research group to develop a new phenomenological model of the skeletal muscle mechanics.

The key idea is to incorporate a newly proposed “active spring model” that involves titin as the third filament, together with actin and myosin filament, that actively regulates the mechanical behaviour of the muscle.

• A Ph D in some area of biomechanics or related discipline.

• Experience in the computational biomechanical simulations • Experience of numerical modelling and analysis • Some programming experience, preferably in MATLAB, will be required.

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