Juliet landau dating

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She had a lot of dimension and contradictions, as we all do.

It has been very interesting to be looking at this subject now, from a very different vantage point.

When did you decide to expand the project into two separate films and why? A PLACE AMONG THE DEAD, covers crime, reality / when people take the fantasy of vampirism too far.

A PLACE AMONG THE UNDEAD covers every aspect of vampires in myth and pop culture: movies, TV, art, literature, comics, music, video games and young adult literature. EC: As an actress you starred in the TV series (1994) as Loretta King, which starred your father, Martin Landau, who played Bela Lugosi—best-known for playing Count Dracula.

Although interacting with the fans has been such a joy that it makes it all worth it.

People seem genuinely excited and engaged about the material!

The basic structure of UNDEAD is to explore all the metaphors of vampirism, i.e.

I received a response on July 27 and after some email exchanges with their unit publicist we were set. Erin Chapman: You’ve been working on this project for two years and it’s your first full length documentary, which you are producing and directing with your husband, Deverill Weekes. So far we have interviewed Joss Whedon, Tim Burton, Gary Oldman, Willem Dafoe, Anne Rice, Robert Patrick, Charlaine Harris, Kevin Grevioux and Steve Niles among others.One of the main inspirations for us has been delving into the use of vampirism to explore the human condition in such a wide variety of ways.For Joss Whedon the metaphor for BUFFY was, “high school as a nightmare.” For Anne Rice, it was about “loss and grief.” Her daughter died of Leukemia so she wrote, INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE with a child vampire who wouldn’t die… For Kevin Grevioux, the creator of UNDERWORLD, it was “interracial dating.” He created two species, who don’t get along.How much of this vampiric background influenced your decision to make your back-to-back vampire documentary? JL: My dad also did a tour of the stageplay DRACULA years ago.It was not intentional, but maybe some vampire-ness runs in the blood!

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