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She was Asian like Joy, but she had died her short hair an electric blue.

Of course Jesse had only noticed those two attributes after he had carefully inspected the way her white jeans hugged her every curve, and the way that she had left the first three buttons of her red blouse undone, giving tantalizing hints of what they were hiding.

Rent (performer: "Seasons of Love", "Rent", "Today 4 U", "Life Support", "Another Day/No Day But Today (reprise)", "Will I?

", "Santa Fe", "I'll Cover You", "La Vie Boheme", "Goodbye Love", "Finale B/No Day But Today", "Seasons of Love B (Reprise)", "La Vie Boheme B (Reprise)", "I'll Cover You (Reprise)/Seasons Of Love") He acted in Jonathan Larson's musical, "Rent," at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London, England with Krysten Cummings, Jacqui Dubois, Wilson Jermaine Heredia, Bonny Lockhart, Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, and Jessica Tezzier in the cast. From Men's Health: Trusting my own instincts has led me to great places.

Buffy and Faith were going to come by after their patrol, but for the moment he was flying solo.

Jesse didn't have much time to figure out if he was happy being on his own or not, because at that moment a walking dream came into the club and all his higher brain functions immediately shut down.

Jesse tried to calm himself down, and dismiss the yellow eyes as something unimportant.

When a vampire got yellow eyes they also had fangs and a deformed face going on, so not vampire. "Nice eyes," said Jesse after a few moments of frozen silence.

"We don't have to leave, and you really shouldn't let them win," said Jesse as he allowed himself to be led from the dance floor.

Half way through Jesse gave up any thought of bolting for the door, and it wasn't because of the very nice way her body moved, though he really enjoyed that part.

The part that made him stay was the way that her eyes didn't hold a hint of violence in them; he honestly couldn't see her hurting anyone.

His father, Jesse Reed Watkins, was a truck driver. His mother then moved his family to Buffalo, New York.

He and his four brothers took the surname of his ...

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