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Minituarization continued, but telecom companies seemed not not be in a very comfortsble position.The founder of i Robot was awarded an inovation prize by The Economist, while Amazon and Deutsche Post tested drones for delivery.

Everybody knows many of the reasons, but I would just like to raise some points on what we have already done in order to promote investments and strengthen job creation in Europe.

Petrolul Ploieti, a Romanian football team, had a wonderful year, but this sems just a small step in a longer way to glory. Picking up a single event relevant or an eventual humankind encyclopedia entry is not an easy task.

At historical scale, it was just a normal year, which makes me program this post to appear when I will be in holidays.

For instance, in annual growth surveys and when analysing Member States’ economies, we have identified national barriers for investments and some of those findings ended up in the country-specific recommendations.

So we are encouraging Member States to carry out structural reforms which will boost an investment environment at national and local level.

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