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Frank Adonis, who died Wednesday night in Las Vegas at age 83, was a Brooklyn native who appeared in a slew of films and TV shows, many of them depicting fictional or real-life mob figures.

Sirico was investigated by the Manhattan District Attorney's office for alleged extortionate activity against the owners of several nightclubs. After it was all said and done, I went back to the neighborhood, and nobody said a word.

About an hour after I got home, I got a call from David Chase.

Actors don't work every week, and all of a sudden Vinny [Pastore] had a movie. But, hey, he only did two years on the show, and let me tell you, he's still Big Pussy wherever he goes.

Since then, Sirico has had no further trouble with the law.

The second year, Vinny did the same thing, early on.His first speaking role was in “Godfather II,” where he and then-unknown Danny Aiello played the Rosato Brothers (“The first words I said on screen were, ‘There’s a cop! Since then, Sirico has acted in 27 movies (including “Cookie” and “Love and Money”), assorted TV episodes, a Coke commercial and appeared as a model in such magazines as Cosmopolitan, Oui and True Detective.In Martin Scorsese’s upcoming “Good Fellas,” he plays Frankie (The Wop) Basil, a stylish enforcer who punishes rival mobsters by sticking their heads in ovens.James Gandolfini • Lorraine Bracco • Edie Falco • Michael Imperioli • Dominic Chianese • Vincent Pastore • Steven Van Zandt • Tony Sirico • Robert Iler • Jamie-Lynn Sigler • Drea de Matteo • David Proval • Aida Turturro • Nancy Marchand Matt Servitto • Steven R.Schirripa • Federico Castelluccio • John Ventimiglia • Joe Pantoliano • Robert Funaro • Kathrine Narducci • Vincent Curatola • Steve Buscemi • Frank Vincent • Dan Grimaldi • Joseph R.

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