Is john cena dating kelly kelly

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Kelly Kelly, or Barbie Blank (which is just as good of a wrestling name as Kelly Kelly, if not better), is a hot wrestler who has appeared in a number of TV shows and the reality program WAGS.In 2011, she won the WWE Divas Championship, commencing a four-month reign.She left WWE in 2012 but has returned occasionally.Cena and Kelly Kelly were seeing each other while Cena was still married, which is partly why Kelly took a break from WWE—so as to prevent the scandal from going public.Also known as Victoria or Tara, she’s still one of the hottest women in professional wrestling.She has spent time in WWE and TNA, and is a multiple-champion for both organizations.She is the first woman Cena has dated since breaking it off with Nikki Bella.

In 2000 he signed with WWF (now WWE) and gained industry fame as a trash-talking rapper. He has even granted over 600 wishes at the Make-A-Wish Foundation—the most in company history.Melina Perez has apparently had her fair share of locker room hookups inside WWE, including Mike Knox, Bautista, John Morrison, CM Punk, and John Cena.She’s gained a reputation for being not only a bit promiscuous, but also for being holier-than-thou after praising herself multiple times backstage.There are leaked photos of Lust wearing skimpy lingerie while holding up a championship belt that seems to confirm these suspicions, though Lust states she has never even met Cena.Lust, who is also married, has stated that she would be more than willing to hook up with him, though.

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