Imagine you are dating with harry styles

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One particular line hears Styles sing: “The boys and the girls are in, I’ll mess around with them, and I’m OK with it." It was the second time that the musician has felt the need to address his sexuality, having first touched on the topic in an interview with The Sun in May 2017.

When asked whether he's ever felt stressed to address matters concerning what gender he is attracted to, Harry revealed: “No, I’ve never felt the need to really. I don’t feel like it’s something I’ve ever felt like I have to explain about myself." Harry continued by adding that anyone should have the right to date who they want - his biggest concern is why people find such an interest in knowing who people are attracted to.

Staying true to the theme, Harry wore several rings and had his nails painted in two different shades.

It looked as if Harry definitely ticked all of Anna's boxes regarding what she was hoping to see on the red carpet.

In the last few weeks she’s been completely infatuated with Paul [Klein], who she says is nothing like Harry, and is keen to see how things to go there.” Oh Dua, can we please just be you for a day?!

DESPITE Harry Styles' attempt to keep his personal life private, fans simply can't get enough of the former One Direction member.

Imagine getting taken out on a date by actual Harry Styles, then turning him down ‘cos you’re not that into him?! A source told the Daily Star, “Harry really pursued Dua and was very keen to get her out on a date.They had a nice time but Dua decided there wasn’t a spark and seemed able to resist his charms.“It seems like they’ll still be able to stay friends and Dua even went to the London Dunkirk premiere.In her Go Ask Anna video, the editor of Vogue shared that she is "looking forward to something that is daring and fearless and colourful and different, and no doubt it will be Gucci!” Harry caused controversy in March, 2018, when he performed an unreleased track titled Medicine during his concert, where he openly sings about messing around with men and women.

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