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If this code is placed in the Script Editor of a form in design time, the message boxes during run time will reflect the change in the Editor Type as the body of the form changes.

The final message box uses the Script Text property to display all the VBScript code in the Script Editor.

The body text of the e-mail item will now appear in HTML format. Create Item(ol Mail Item) With obj Mail 'Set body format to HTML . HTMLBody = " This Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) example uses the Open event to access the HTMLBody property of an item. Msg Box "After accessing, the Editor Type is " & Item.

Sub Create HTMLMail() 'Creates a new e-mail item and modifies its properties. This sets the Editor Type property of the item's Inspector to ol Editor HTML. Editor Type 'Access the body and show 'the text of the Body.

The HTMLBody property should be an HTML syntax string. Setting the HTMLBody property sets the Editor Type property of the item's Inspector to ol Editor HTML. An expression that returns a Post Item or Mail Item object.

Setting the HTMLBody property will always update the Body property immediately. Outlook blocks code that attempts to access the HTMLBody property for security reasons.

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