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If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?If you are a writer, your goal is probably for your work to be consumed by an interested audience who will rave about it to their friends.Build the headline around the most important keyword in your written text and ensure that it is fewer than 70 characters.Additional words are considered too long for Google to index.When using words that are bland, uninspiring, or unknown by most, your potential readers are going to be turned off.Instead stick with language that is simple, but powerful.

Husband of Lorna Marquet and father of three young boys, Nick Marquet is the co-author of the book, and runs He has 11 years’ experience in newspaper, magazine and digital advertising, and more than five years running successful online businesses.For example, try turning your headline into a call-to-action with words such as “Try” or “Click,” or addressing the reader directly by using the word “You.” Transform a generic headline with a power word like “never.” What use is running an ad or creating a video if people aren’t even interested in the topic?Every headline you write should target a specific keyword with significant search volume – this not only ensures that your headline is optimized to drive targeted traffic through organic or paid search, but it proves that people are actively looking for information related to the topic.(For example, if this post was titled “Headline Advice” you probably wouldn’t be reading it right now.) So what strategies work for creative, clickable headlines right now?Let’s take a look at nine powerful, reproducible ways to write a great headline this year, with plenty of examples.

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