Hogan knows best brooke39s dating game

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Well, the reality star was pulled over at Malibu, and when tested for her blood-alcohol level, it was revealed as .084.She was put on the spot by the cops to admit two charges of DUI.Linda came up with an eyewitness, who proved that she had only had a glass of wine, but a medical advice antibiotic elevated the effects of alcohol.

Recently Linda is in the limelight for her affair with her boyfriend Charlie Hill as it seems their relationship has reached its peak and has hit the rough patch.

As on a statement he gave to Well, more things unraveled about the break up of Linda and her much younger beau. But after soul searching through therapy, the reality star decided not to go on with her impending marriage.

Interestingly, Charlie is a year younger than Linda’s daughter Brooke, and the nearly step-dad and step-daughter went to school together.

The duo began dating in 2008 when Linda was 48-years-old, and Charlie was 19-years-old.

The couple broke up in May of 2012 after roughly four years together.

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