Hardcastle pipe dating

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From Kenneth Barnes to Barry Jones who started a new adventure with Tilshead Pipe Co., or like Dennis Marshall who, together with his son John, founded Milville; we can identify a number of amazing carvers, former employees of Charatan, among them the less famous but very important Dan Tennison.Needless to say that such personalities, even during their time at Charatan, left many distinctive signs on their creations, creating a challenge for later enthusiasts to spot them.In 1960 Reuben died and his wife immediately decided to sell the company and it was purchased by Lane Limited.At the beginning Lane decided to leave everything unchanged concerning production and workers.This first era was from 1863 until 1910, when Frederick decided to leave the factory to his son Rueben.Reuben continued to produce very high quality pipes for many years, as his father had before him.

The difficulty, however, lies in the knowledge of the various eras, which are many and often create doubt among collectors. The various articles that have appeared in journals and around the web cause the rest, because they are often incomplete or contradictory, creating confusion among fans of the pipes. I remember seeing years ago a beautiful site on the internet where there were also many examples of photos. Then I read the article by Tad Gage appeared in the Pipes and Tobaccos magazine at p.I realized early on that the articles listed above were not exhaustive, and also showed inconsistencies and contradictions.I noticed that there were a lot of particular details (ex. etc.) that have never been discussed in any of those articles.I spent many days studying the pipes with the goal to acquire a couple of specimen pipes of each era.The study become serious and so I learned to distinguish every small detail between different pipes.

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