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It lists the contents of the GWCheck database (ngwcheck.db) in the post office directory so that you can see what Mailbox/Library Maintenance jobs are queued for processing.

To execute the purge, perform a Contents check and fix on the appropriate user database. In GWCHECK versions 5.5 SP 4 and later this no longer works; use SUBJECTPURGE instead. When doing user database contents check, stop check after personal address book verification (updates Frequent Contact List and PAB). Resets system folder names so that the client can come in and replace them. This switch can also be invoked by creating a text file named PABONLY. Used when a database gets created with foreign language names for system folders, and you want to reset them to some other language. Use this switch with GWCheck to remove all messages that have the specified subject.The subject text is case sensitive and must match a message subject obtained using the subjectlist switch. Use this switch with GWCheck to list all subjects in message databases (msgnn.db).

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