Goranga dating system animations

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This is a really cool concept, but meant we had to figure out exactly how Braum wields the thing as he attacks and uses his abilities.That said, the biggest challenge we found when animating him was in implementing his E, Unbreakable.It’s an intricate ability which Braum can use while he moves and uses his other abilities, which meant we had to merge various animations to create a 360-degree movement and attack system.Here’s how we went about animating the Heart of the Freljord’s most iconic ability.Now that we have the bulk of the animation down, it’s time to start polishing.

With it, we can set things to animate and react in real time to the motions of Yasuo’s body through simulating physics instantaneously in my animation tool, meaning we can rapidly iterate and make tweaks and changes without going through the tedious task of re-animating the hair and rope each time.

For this to work well it was vital that the four animations were of the same length, that Braum’s limbs were in similar positions, and that his feet contacted the ground on exactly the same frames.

Here’s where we ended up: After figuring out Unbreakable’s idle and movement animations, we started looking at Braum’s attack animations while he was using his E.

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