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But, I get ahead of myself, and resolve to something simple, sweet, and not too forward.

Let me just say that our Ok C stats look promising. There’s an art to writing online dating emails that get him to call you.

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I could have stopped the conversation cold with the wrong response.

I thought I handled it with humor and a light heart. Him: I had thought to arouse your attention with wit, humor, and good ‘ol down home ludic narratology or maybe my famous Fish and Grits, so says my daughter.

If you are a man in your 40s or 50s and you're "pinged" by a hot looking woman in her 30s, chances are it's either a scam artist from Ghana, or an Eastern European cam girl looking to rip off credit card numbers. Zoosk shakes you down and nickel dimes you to death. Bring back the good old days of people getting introduced by friends and people actually putting themselves out there to approach people in person when interested! After having put in the requisite search time, and opening with an individual greeting, I received a total of only 8 responses..three of those were hurtful and rude.

I wish I never got on this website, I will continue to write reviews for this because people have to know not to get involved with this website. Zoosk ignores data points and bombards you with profiles of potential matches 100 miles away, always older than you, often outside your other key filters. You'll think they're obsessed with you but never message you. These may be ghost profiles Zoosk kept from people who previously subscribed and in some cases, a real person may have swiped your photos for a tenth of a second, and pinged Zoosk, which then auto tags you and creates a phony "like" or "connection". Spammy, fake, ** and scam profiles run amok on Zoosk and Zoosk is complicit at best in not enforcing reported fake profiles. Others seemed real but were too far away, smokers (which I said I did not want), or some other mismatch.

Since you can’t hear his voice, you don’t know the true intention behind his words.

Be particularly careful about what you write and how you react to what he writes.

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