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To place a freeze, either use each credit agency's online process or send a letter by certified mail to each of the three credit agencies.Please note that in the wake of the 2017 Equifax Data Breach, consumers may run into errors submitting the freeze request due to the influx of traffic to their websites.For the information you choose to monitor, just enter the relevant details directly in your Experian Dark Web Surveillance account.For all the information you choose to monitor, you will receive alerts via email and within your Experian account.

Parents can use it to protect their children from identity theft even if the minors don’t have credit yet.

For the free service, each of the three credit bureaus requires that consumers register a minor or a protected consumer in writing, by mail, rather than online.

And each credit bureau has a slightly different format for registering for a security freeze for a minor or other protected consumer, so read the directions carefully.

Once you provide the personal information you'd like to monitor, Dark Web Internet Surveillance searches through thousands of websites and millions of data points using a variety of data gathering techniques—including chat room monitoring, crawling/scraping, and forum extraction.

You are in control of what information you want to be monitored on the dark web.

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