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This mobile app works as an online tool for legal search, wherein the user can access every detail pertaining to legal content.

This mobile app helps to collect the authentic and reliable content from India’s leading law publisher to create a powerful legal research resource, helping the legal practitioners/ students to spend less time in Tension Tempo is an audibly-guided workout app program, letting the users to get audibly guided through each workout, telling when to lower and raise the weight and provide a counting tempo for each movement.

and users can filter the events from the categories: stand up comedy, karaoke, food pairing, live gigs and Bars etc.

The key With this app, users can create their personal events and invite guests from their phone book.

My Carbs is an app platform, which gives an idea regarding the carbs and calories in our regular diet and helps us to burn carbs and calories by suggesting exercises.

Within this platform, users get the option to upload their recipe, along with the ingredients to be added, the image of the dish, cooking time, no. This mobile app is for SCC online, division of Eastern Book Company.

Tap on a newsfeed item to open a popup player that's designed for easy consuming - reading a text, looking at photos, watching videos, listening to songs, or tour dates presented on a calendar.

Feel free to have a quick discussion with our architects and app consultants to find out best app development strategy along with monetization and tools for your app development and marketing needs.All the workout files and the program guide in the mobile app, are downloadable after the purchase of the program.An Event App, letting the users browse through a list of events happening in the city around their location in the list and Map view. Techugo is one of the highest rated mobile app developers in India, USA, Dubai & Canada.We create bespoke mobile applications by evaluating the business aspect of each mobile endeavor and maximizing its potential through Discovery and Digital Innovation.

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