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Since, the slave trading began much earlier between Europe and Africa and later in the Americas the abundance of slaves grew the slaves no longer held the same amazement as they initially did.The Portuguese were one of the first European countries to be a slaveholding society of African slaves and “found existing slave trading patterns and met enthusiastic intermediaries” in Africa (Nellis, 03).

The manner of in formalized trade began to trigger the trading of slaves that were not initially slaves by birth or war captives. One of the stories Koelle brings to attention is Fije who had married two wives and from his father’s death he inherited 22 more, Koelle states, “when he was sold by his uncle because he had not presented him with a female slave and cows on his father’s death”, which shows the selling of relatives as a sort of punishment.[ix] Unfortunately, the second highest group of traded slave was kidnapped slave.The demand for slave labor was rising at abundances of level and created a new type of slave trade because of profitable gains for both Europeans and African merchants acquired through kidnapping of innocent Africans or even through relative disputes.The image below is visual description of other African bartering a slave for what it looks like a couple of guns.[xi] In the image a European buyer is inspecting a slave while another European is communicating with African slave traders with hand motions.Gar­land, he goes on to describe the re-selling and buy­ing of slaves in the Vir­ginia colony, he states, “ passed in 1748, authorising the sale of slaves for the payment of debts upon the failure of personal estate which had first to be exhausted”.[xii] This piece of text shows how slaves take on the same iden­tity, as does prop­erty.Slaves are no longer seen as human beings but a com­mod­ity of their own labor.

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