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"If you stay on, there are other things to get together," Bruno said, shaking his shoulders a little. She performed really well, looking like a 1930s-era movie star, and she kept up with Louis step for step. "You never looked more gorgeous," raved Bruno, "and your footwork was better than ever." "Everything worked well," added Carrie Ann. Score: 25Evan Lysacek & Anna Trebunskaya: We're not sure why this pair were doing an Argentine tango when everyone else was doing ballroom, but regardless—it was awesome!

"I've got to agree," Len concurred, though he reminded her to lift her rib cage more. Yay for lifts, which really add some necessary spice when done properly.

Her biggest blowout was with co-host Rosie O'Donnell when the two sparred over statements O'Donnell made about the death toll of the Iraq War.

The result was O'Donnell's early departure from the show, as well as an irreparable rift between the ladies that seemed to only widen over time.

"Remember this date, May the 3rd, 2010, the night you became a contender." Once again, Brooke Burke bombarded him and Cheryl with questions about their off-camera relationship, entreating Cheryl to turn around and show off the diamond necklace Chad bought her for her birthday. He feels sorry for me," Cheryl joked, explaining the gift.

The blond bombshell had numerous missteps in her and Damian's solo portion of the group routine to Lady Gaga's "Telephone." But, according to Carrie Ann, "the sexual energy that this team has…will make it so tough to beat!

"Score: 27Team Madonna (Niecy, Erin, Evan): News flash: Niecy does a better vertical split than Pam.

Evan ditched his graceful skater lines just enough to get believably down and dirty for this unequivocally sexy dance.

"Just the perfect combination of power, control and sexy in a whole different way! "I know you're nice on ice but I had my doubts about whether you'd be good on wood," Len quipped before dusting off his "10" paddle for the first time this season. Score: 30CHA-CHA CHALLENGETeam Gaga (Nicole, Chad, Pam): Nicole hadn't danced the cha-cha yet, but she looked like a pro. Unfortunately, the two of them were somewhat slowed down by Pam and her sequin-clad assets.

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