Error validating the default for column rowguid

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The schema script ‘Document Store_2.sch’ could not be propagated to the subscriber.

(Source: MSSQL_REPL, Error number: MSSQL_REPL-2147201001) Default FILESTREAM filegroup is not available in database ‘Replicated File Storage’.

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Use this option to replicate the FILESTREAM attribute if it is specified on varbinary(max) columns.

Do not specify this option if you are replicating tables to SQL Server 2005 Subscribers.

The above used @schema_option can be broken down as follows.

With SQL Server 2008, FILESTREAM support was added to SQL Server.We created a script for the Publication., @frequency_type = 4, @frequency_interval = 14, @frequency_relative_interval = 1, @frequency_recurrence_factor = 0, @frequency_subday = 1, @frequency_subday_interval = 5, @active_start_time_of_day = 500, @active_end_time_of_day = 235959, @active_start_date = 0, @active_end_date = 0, @job_login = For a File Stream object to be replicated without issues to the client, the @schema_option should be set accordingly.There are two specific hex codes, which needs to be present in the @schema_option.If this parameter is not set to true, then replication would fail whenever the File Stream object is grater than 2 GB.In the customer scenario, since he was creating a new DB through the “Create Subscription Wizard” and not specifying the File Stream filegroups, replication was failing with the above message.

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