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To start building your layout, simply drag views and view groups from the Palette into the design editor.

To edit the layout XML in the text editor, click the Text tab at the bottom of the window.Both commands and data were represented by the presence or absence of holes in prefefined format As of 2012 there are still some voting machine which use punched cards In 1940’s an important phenomena changed history of Computer Programming The invention of the von Neumann architecture allowed computer programs to be stored in computer memory Earlier Computer Contains fixed programs like Word Processors, changing program requires rewriting or redesigning of machine.An interpreter is a program that reads in as input a source program, along with data for the program, and translates the source program instruction by instruction.Once you have a default layout, you can create layout variations for specific device configurations (such as for xlarge screens).There are a few different ways to create a new layout, depending on your Project window view, but the following procedure is accessible from any view: When you have multiple variations of the same layout, you can easily switch between them from the list that appears when you click Layout Variants .

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