Epo enable global updating

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After you create one or more new policies, you can select a different default policy for your account.

In the future, new policies will be prepopulated with these default settings, and the new default policy is assigned to new computers (if no other policy is selected) and groups whose policy is deleted.

The figure below shows an example of how your Mc Afee e PO server and components inter-relate in your secure network environment.

1 Your Mc Afee e PO server connects to the Mc Afee update server to pull down the latest security content.

To determine the e PO version number when you are logged on to e PO: e PO 5.x: The version number is shown on the left pane of the Menu screen.

You can also determine the version by checking the version information contained within the file on the e PO server. The default location for the file is as follows: …\Program Files\Mc Afee\e Policy Orchestrator\DB e Policy Orchestrator software is an extensible management platform that enables centralized policy management and enforcement of your security policies.

2 The e Policy Orchestrator database stores all the data about the managed systems on your network,including: 4 Agent-server secure communication (ASSC) occurs at regular intervals between your systems and server.

When you delete a policy that is assigned to one or more groups, the Mc Afee Default policy is assigned to those groups automatically.Ensure that: Agent handlers are the component of e Policy Orchestrator that handles communications between agent and server.Multiple remote handlers can help you address scalability and topology issues in your network, and in some cases using multiple agent handlers can limit or reduce the number of e PO servers in your environment.Be aware that agents in broadcast segments without Super Agents do not receive the broadcast wake-up call, so they do not call in to the server in response to a wake-up call.Agent and Super Agent wake-up calls use the same secure channels.

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