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She has an elder sister, Julia Erwin-Weiner, born in 1967, her younger sister and band member Emily Strayer, born in 1972 and younger half-brother, R&B singer Ian Davis, born in 1996.Encouraged by her parents – educators at private schools – Erwin began playing violin at age five, and by age 12, started to learn to play "fiddle style" after receiving a birthday gift of fiddle lessons.Her sister Emily shared her love and interest in music, and displayed early talent herself.The two sisters were provided musical instruction on several instruments, and their talent for vocal harmony continued to be nurtured.Martha "Martie" Elenor Erwin (before Maguire; born October 12, 1969) is an American musician who is a founding member of both the female alternative country band Dixie Chicks and country bluegrass duo Court Yard Hounds.She won awards in national fiddle championships while still a teenager.In 1989, Erwin and Strayer joined guitarist Robin Lynn Macy and Laura Lynch on double bass in the Dixie Chicks, playing what was at the time predominantly bluegrass music and a mix of country standards.Originally listed as Martha, and then Martie Erwin, Erwin played fiddle, mandolin, viola and harmonized with Strayer on backing vocals.

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Everybody is wishing for the other guy to fail." Although Erwin and Strayer often appear quiet and demure compared to their animated bandmate Natalie Maines, the trio have stood united on controversial subjects since they banded together to play in 1995, even when their opinions have had the potential to serve them more harm than good.Erwin is accomplished on several other instruments, including the mandolin, viola, double bass and guitar.She has written and co-written a number of the band's songs, some of which have become chart-topping hits.She also contributes her skills in vocal harmony and backing vocals, as well as orchestrating string arrangements for the band.Erwin learned several instruments at a young age, honing her skills with her younger sister, Emily Strayer (born Emily Erwin) and two schoolmates (a brother and sister team, Troy and Sharon Gilchrist) for over five years as a part of a touring bluegrass quartet while in high school.

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