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On Thursday, Siwa took to her You Tube channel to talk about the mystery man she’s allegedly dating.

The video is sort of an inside joke, since fans always get a tease of who the You Tube sensation is dating, before she decides not to tell them.

But the downside is that this totally neglects chemistry.

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Looked at their report, changed their monster, discovered stories, & started a portfolio assignment.

They’re invested in safety, respect, responsibility, and preparedness. #resroars Yfr Helps tremendously with keeping the parents in the loop and makes for a much better relationship all around! Ss learned all about #growthmindset with the first 2 @Class Dojo videos!

#MPEagles @Middle Paxton ES #4Cs #Gamify #Ed Tech #BOLDSchool #Edrenaline Rush GRk D I have never enjoyed assessing so much as I did tonight watching videos my kids made on @Class Dojo with the new portfolios. I especially love posting video & pics of super fun activities we are doing or just awesome work being done in class! I teach ESL in NJ & looking to get new resources to help my students be more successful! Tomorrow we will watch the next 2 videos, complete our anchor chart, and show understanding with a growth/fixed mindset sort!

Like most theories, it breaks down somewhat in the craggy face of reality (What about girls you’re great with in bed but can’t connect to emotionally outside the bedroom? Online dating offers an opportunity to pre-screen potential partners in a way that is almost impossible in the “real world.” When you approach a girl in a bar, you may know that she’s hot and has a sexy tattoo, but you know very little about your potential compatibility. They also can put across their basic values and life circumstances, which goes pretty far toward establishing compatibility.

After a brief conversation, and a standard set of background questions (What do you do? ), you might have a somewhat better idea of what she is about, but this is still is likely to be influenced by a number of unstable factors: Is she having a good night? If a girl is honest (and that may be a big “if”), you are unlikely to find yourself in any disastrous situations.

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