Dog sex dating service

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‘Mostly, sex is for reproduction but for humans, it also involves pleasure and love.

‘At that time, I thought that if there was some contraception for pets like condom for animals, maybe we could just let them have sex with each other.’ He goes on to say that it was then that he came up with the idea for a pet dating app.‘By 2046, there will be love hotels for dogs where dog owners can use a dating app to find sexual partners for their pets and let their dogs have sex in the hotel.This speed dating event is a promotion for a future love hotel.’ ‘At the event, some performers will act as the hotel managers and waiters.We will all be performers.’ He says that throughout the evening, he wants to observe the interaction between the pet owners, to explore the relationship between human to pet and pet to pet. Justin and I had just gone on our third date, and he’d invited me over to his place to hang out for a little bit longer.

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