Diane keaton and keanu reeves still dating

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She is an American film actress, director and producer.She began her career on stage and made her screen debut in 1970.Harry Sanborn (Jack Nicholson) is well into his sixties but is still dating much younger women.

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The doctor in charge is Julian Mercer (Keanu Reeves), a very handsome 30-something who turns out to be a fan of Erica’s work. A bigger, and a much less pleasant surprise comes , however, when Harry doesn’t seem well enough to travel and she ends up having to “babysit” him at her house, alone.

So as Harry and Erica inevitably spend time with each other and realize –to both their horror- that they may be enjoying each other’s company a little too much.

Can Harry handle a mature relationship with a woman his age?

Something’s Gotta Give is a very funny romantic comedy from writer/director Nancy Meyers (The Holiday, What Women Want, It’s Complicated).

The storyline is original, the actors are marvelous and the jokes are funny.

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