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This piece is intended to build on that earlier blog by focusing on interracial couples, who make up 17 percent of all married couples in the United States.

In particular, we’re going to look at how partners can support each other and help to preserve and advance their bond as they navigate prejudice and discrimination toward their relationship.

And then there are times, as in this piece, when we’ll consider the intersection between these two places, such as relationship dynamics within couples as they live amid various societal conditions.

In a previous blog, Prejudice Toward Relationships, we looked at prejudice and discrimination toward couples whose relationship falls outside what society regards as the accepted standard.

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Before we say more here, it feels worth pausing on three points.But this isn’t the only space that deserves attention, as couples are nested in a complex social and cultural environment that impacts them too.That’s why sometimes we’ll move outward and aim our attention at the broader spheres where relationships reside.Relationships are the bedrock of a gratifying, healthy, well-lived life.They’re also intricate and personal, as two people co-create their own unique little world over time, with norms, practices, habits, understandings, and a history that are theirs alone.

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