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Every woman needs a different strategy at different times in her life.

When she’s just starting out dating, she’s more interested in finding out what makes men tick and what men in general prefer.

So if the strategy you’re using isn’t working for you, try something different. If what you’re looking for is confidence and a rock-solid belief in your own attractiveness, then this is a good strategy for you.

It feels great when you’re able to turn heads and get asked out any time you want.

But here’s the catch: You have no idea WHICH traits he finds irresistible.

No wonder singles prefer to focus on what men in general find attractive.

So if you choose this dating strategy, you’re going to have to treat it like a gamble. If you win just 10% of the time, you’re doing really well.

And that’s the attitude you need to take in this dating strategy.

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Men are primed to respond to features like shiny hair, an hourglass figure, and signs of fertility and health.

And those that do almost never share it with another soul.

This week our amazing special guest, Angela Krumm, Ph D, returns for Part 2 of her Flirting Training series.

The human desire for companionship is one of the strongest human drives.

It is an innate feature of human nature, and may be related to the sex drive.

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