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Online dating is one of the best ways to meet people you may not interact with otherwise, but differentiating between the catches and the jerks can be tricky.

When so many women feel slighted, it begs the question - Are men in general the problem?

In all the pictures that the Jerk has online, he isn’t smiling.

He is probably even showing off on the side of a cliff somewhere, clad only in a pair of shorts; or maybe he is lounging in the sand in front of some sunset you know only happens in faraway and expensive places.

So why do women go for the Jerk online who posts pictures like this?

It isn’t because the Jerk is so hot or implying that he is loaded, it’s because: He is confident in saying who he is and what he wants – in other words, he isn’t trying to appeal to every woman – just the woman that is going is going to appeal to him.

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Nerd Love, the only dating advice column that’s descended …This is the kind of strength and confidence that is very attractive.He isn’t boasting or demanding or controlling – it’s just a statement of knowing yourself.Or do dating sites highlight the superficial and feed into men’s worst instincts?Before you throw in the towel and swear off all dating sites, check out the top complaints about online dating and how the more selective sites can create better experiences online.

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