Dating russia from denmark Sexteen story nl

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You should keep this amazing spirit of freedom and equality,” says Leonid appreciatively.

A demonstration of this spirit is the help, that they got from two Russian guys, who run the website Svadba They live in Denmark and help others like them to come and get married.

The wedding cake is a Danish strawberry pie featuring two grooms, which are a wedding gift from the famous Danish toy company LEGO.The iconic statue shall be one of the first congratulators and thus become part of Leonid and Yury’s fairytale.On their way, they meet the spirit of freedom and equality as strangers come up to wish them well.“That was a Rubicon for him,” compares Leonid the proposal with the metaphor of a point of no return. The Snow Queen is one of the most popular fairy tales in my country and my favorite.LGBT pioneers Denmark is far from foreign to the Russians: “Everybody in Russia knows H. The Mermaid is iconic, too.” The Danish judicial system has been a crucial part of Leonid and Yury’s decision to get married in Copenhagen, where your race, sex or sexual orientation is not of importance.

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