Dating more than one

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While finishing my undergraduate degree at UC Berkley, I conducted what was known as the 100-date experiment.

Between 20, I went on 101 dates with 52 different guys.

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If for whatever reason a woman on a first or second date gets SUPER upset that, yes, you Most likely, women aren’t going to question or be upset with you when they learn that you are seeing other people.Before you know it, you’ll become a dating expert and be enchanting throngs of women.Dating multiple women isn’t equivalent to multiple coffees or happy hours each week.Dating multiple people is definitely not wrong for several reasons.Below, I will elaborate on those reasons, along with some things to be aware of before you start Mega Dating. If you are already in an exclusive relationship and decide you would like to experiment with dating on the side to see if you want to remain in your current relationship.

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