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If therefore you were referring to your girlfriend as having an undetectable viral load, then this is good. Are you referring to ARVs (antiretroviral treatment for HIV)? She takes care of herself by taking her meds and eats right. The aim of treatment is to get the viral load to undetectable (below 50 copies). In response to your question, it is possible for you and your girlfriend to have a baby without you catching HIV. Being on treatment and having an undetectable viral load dramatically reduces the chance of your girlfriend passing HIV onto you.Has disclosing ever led to a disaster date or a magical moment? Then he takes me to a movie or park and we hold hands and talk about the future together. I told my current boyfriend that I really liked him and that there was something about me that he should know if we were to continue our ­relationship. When he came back (his wallet was in his pants) we talked for a while. I settled him down and told him I’m on meds and I’m undetectable. We chilled for a few hours—watching movies, talking, laughing and holding each other.

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My favourite places to meet dates are in the spots you’re not looking for them—in the library or supermarket.

Has disclosing ever led to a disaster date or a magical moment?

The disaster date is what prompts me to disclose to every potential ­partner: I had met someone and we clicked really well.

As we were kissing, he looked at me and asked: “Are you clean?

” (I absolutely despise that term.) When I told him my status, he went into a giant panic and had to check his mouth for open sores. As understanding and sweet and nice as someone can be, if they do not live with the disease, it’s difficult for them to understand when you need to cancel a date because your meds aren’t agreeing with you. LIKES: Pomeranians, tea parties, vintage dresses, bicycles, hard-to-watch documentaries DISLIKES: macho men, onions, mos­quitoes, [Toronto Mayor] Rob Ford How do you meet dates?

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