Dating gun nut

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I don't know how hard, or time consuming, it would be to start one.

Do other chronic illnesses (although treated I do not view this as a chronic disease) have dating sites? Considering the looks I've gotten from a couple of guys when they found out about my CPAP, and considering I've had a relationship end because of sleep apnea, what the heck.

Maybe we don't know enough about Duane's history to be making assumptions.....

My father loves to be the hero to other people, I was in marching band in high school, and there were kids that didn't have parents come to the competitions or got sick or something and didn't have a parent there, well my father was there to be parent to everyone.

Not for sympathy or "atta girl's" but because people need to see that there is another dimension to the gun problem in this country Peace ---------------------------------------------------- The purpose of my posting this was to show that behind the facade of the "responsible gun owner" can be something all together different. Many people said that my father would have used a knife or something else if he didn't have guns, but that is just the point.

He chose guns, he loves guns, guns give him power that nothing else gives him and that is intoxicating.

But I happen to be visiting both of these locations even less than the average person ought to, let alone a gun blogger, so I'm perplexed.

Last week's "Dear Gabby" inspired some follow up questions so I'd like to address those, and I hope other female readers will chime in, to help the guys gain some clarity on this issue.

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