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[Read: How to talk dirty in bed] Sexual role play makes it easier to look into your deepest desires and reveal them to your partner.

You may have tried every position under the sun, but after a while, the different positions can just get boring, and become a mighty pain in your backside or some other part.

And you’ll have to understand what turns you and your partner on better than the other role playing characters.

But once you’re comfortable with the act of sexual role play and costumes, sex can become as exciting as your first night together, because, literally speaking, the person you’re having sex with is, a totally different character!

You’ll just have to make sure this sort of inconsiderate sex doesn’t happen all the time.

The problems with good ol’ sex You’re probably having sex occasionally with your lover, but there may be a few times when things move a little too fast, and even before you know it, the deed’s done.

If you’re the guy, you may not want it to end, but sometimes due to pressure of performance or any other reason, you may just not be able to hold on long enough [Read: How to prevent premature ejaculation].

It means that first and foremost, you have to decide what you want and what sex means to you.

Know enough about each other for this kind of trust and intimacy.

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