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(Please note that my comments apply primarily to the larger management and strategy consulting firms, made up of the Big Three (Mc Kinsey, Bain, BCG), the current Big Four (PWC, E&Y, KPMG, Deloitte), and the various spinoffs from the original Big Five (Accenture, IBM, Bearing Point, Cap Gemini).A lot of smaller boutiques have actually built their consulting firms around directly addressing the points below) In nearly all recruiting presentations by consulting firms, there will be a lengthy section about work life balance.The stats show that most consultants don’t last beyond three years, with very few ever being considered for partner.Eventually the travel, the politics, and the workload all catch up to you.Despite everything I’ve mentioned above, I know I benefited from the time I spent in management consulting.

Also, while the idea of getting a variety of projects may seem appealing at first, the scenario can quickly wear out its welcome.Some of the ones I saw showcased an extremely busy partner, who had an overwhelming work schedule, but managed to spend time with his family and had a great relationship with his kids.Strange how most other career tracks don’t make such a hard sell…The likelihood of getting staffed in a great location with great venues is just as good as being staffed in the middle of nowhere.I consider myself lucky to have wined and dined in New York and San Francisco as many consultants never get to experience the “good-life” of consulting travel.

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